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The vision of SPI is to establish optimal medical standards in order to bring in line the utmost outcome quality and economic efficiency. Our team comprises experts of business economists, process and certification professionals, IT and medical experts, architects, Marketing specialists and a network of experienced doctors.



By structuring, digitalization and automation of medical processes, an increase in medical results, patient satisfaction and economic viability becomes apparent at the clinic.


In addition to services such as feasibility studies and financial planning SPI provides software products, specially developed in order to implement structured medicine. With the Surgical Procedure Manager (SPM) treatment processes are supported.


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SPI at the Hauptstadtkongress

The presentation of Dr. Gunter Trojandt with the topic "applying structured healthcare" at the Hauptstadtkongress 2015 was in tune with the times. SPI will be back in the capital town in 2016!  
Pressekonferenz Asklepios

Press conference Asklepios

SPI and Asklepios are starting a nationwide unique project, showing how the combination of modern technology and the highest medical standards leads to the utmost quality for the patient.

First use of instrument template

The ACQUA Klinik has initiated the development in cooperation with its partners SPI and Sengewald and is now pleased about its implementation. An idea that was born in the surgical cockpit 3 years ago is now put into practice for the first time. A template shows the arrangement of instruments on the corresponding table. Thus, the technical officer is able to pick up the instruments almost without having a look. The selection of the instruments corresponds to the surgical handbook and is uniform for the respective procedures. Consequently, a lack of instruments will be noticed immediately.