Universitaetsklinikum Duesseldorf

In cooperation with the team of the university hospital in Dusseldorf, SPI has built a completely standardized surgical center with three operating rooms. During the first stage of the project a sustainable economic operational concept had been developed. With the collaboration of our architectural and medical-technical partners, specific pathway concepts and matching spatial and functional programs were established afterwards.

In close cooperation with the medical teams and other professional groups involved, SPI has structured and digitized all relevant surgical procedures. The accordingly standardized procedures may be used by means of SPM Tutor solutions for practicing and for the training of surgeons, anesthetists and nursing staff, or as well by means of the SPM Operator for assisting during surgery.

With the introduction of the structured processes, specific campaigns for the establishment of medical process brands have been launched.

“Outpatient surgeries in the field of ENT are characterized by the same recurring procedures. Therefore, it is appropriate to structure and standardize these outpatient surgeries even in an university institution.”

Professor Dr. med. Dr. h. c. Joerg Schipper, Director ENT clinic of Universitaetsklinik Duesseldorf

“In a hospital outpatient surgery may be allegorized economically in a hospital, if process costs and process capacity are convenient. In particular, the improved process times and thus a better utilization of expensive OR-capacity, the reduced use of instruments and the optimized management of consumables lead to cost savings and increasing efficiency.”

Thorsten Celary, Deputy Commercial Director, Universitaetsklinik Duesseldorf

Asklepios hospital Lindenlohe/Lindau/Bad Tölz

Throughout project “Asklepios Intelligence Process”, SPI has structured and digitized a total of 25 surgical procedures including 800 individual steps in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, neurosurgery, urology and visceral surgery. During a trial stage, these procedures are currently applied, using SPM Tutor and Operator, at three Asklepios subsidiaries.

Moreover, the entire perioperative workflow has been optimized, regarding all processes from patient check-in to discharge, and made available for the entire team in digital manner using the software solution General Operation Manager (GOM).

Due to the implementation of SPM and GOM, process and medical outcome quality may be measured systematically and improved in the future.

“Even for a private hospital operator it will be more difficult regarding the tighter financial conditions. With the standardization of elective procedures of surgeries, we are able to invest the money reasonably inpatient care. We increase safety in the OR, optimize the material input and create an attractive working environment for our employees. The developed processes may be established across the group and provide a consistently high level of quality. “

Dr. Andreas Hartung, CEO, Asklepios Klinikum Bad Abbach


Experts and users

The increasing number of SPI customer projects goes with a growing amount of experts and users participating in our peer review. There, alternative surgical techniques and implants systems as well as important process steps are discussed and evaluated. The results are fed back to the users, thus enabling a continuous improvement process in the participating hospitals.