The vision of SPI is to establish optimal medical standards in order to bring in line the utmost outcome quality and economic efficiency.

By digitalization of medical standards, the performance and thus the results are brought to a consistently high level – regardless where and when a patient is attended and by which team.

The Structured Digital Hospital is a brand promise offering best healthcare likewise on Mondays as well as on Wednesdays.

Gunter Trojlandt
Dr. Gunter Trojandt

Co-founder and Managing Director of SPI

Dr. Gunter Trojandt is the managing director and co-founder of the Surgical Process Institute. Prior to this, he was head of strategy, M&A and business intelligence at Novartis subsidiary Sandoz International and advised customers in the pharmaceutical, generic and medical technology industry as well as in the hospitals market as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.

Dr. Trojandt holds a doctorate degree in chemistry and is a health care quality management auditor (QMA – TÜV).


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